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Medi Koch

KoCh will imperatively focus on improving the health conditions of the population, with plans to open health care centers to offer Chardonnesians quality care. Its objective is to put Les Chardonnières on the regional health scene within ten years, transforming its centers into a referral hospital for the region.

Clean Water

As part of its mission to improve the health of Chardonnesians, KoCh will also focus a portion of its energy on ensuring that clean water is not a luxury that the people of Chardonnières have quality drinking water.


While we have provided funding to send hundreds of Chardonnières neediest children to school this year. Kore's main focus is on regional health, for this reason one of our main educational focus is on educating the health-care professionals of the tomorrow.


KoCh believes whole food as being of utmost importance to the well-being of Chardonessians. For this reason, KoCh seeks to give agricultural assistance to local farmers, helping them to produce healthy and high quality nutritional goods for the people.


KoCh wants to help all organizations in the municipality to become more competitive, more innovative and more productive. This is possible through the implementation of programs and services to support innovation and economic for Chardonnières


The people of Chardonnières has a rich culture. However, because of natural disaster and increase in poverty, there has been a tremendous lost in cultural resources. KoCh seeks to so assist in revitalizing the culture of the people a various ways also by promoting tourism.


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